Schools, locals and tourists inspired by Clipper Race


The Clipper Race fleet was open for business throughout the stopover in Bermuda, with over a thousand people visiting the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club for the chance to get on board and discover the world of the Clipper Race and to inspire the next generation of ocean racers.

Race Crew welcomed the local community to come and step on board a Clipper 70, and learn about life on a racing yacht and what it takes to sail across the world’s oceans.

With dedicated sessions, youth groups and schools were invited to see for themselves a racing yacht with over 350 pupils from across the island taking part. The children jumped on board to explore life below deck and chat with the crew about their experiences at sea, racing across oceans, as well as the chance to hoist the forestay banner using the winches and grinders. From learning about life on the sea, marine wildlife and a geography lesson on the race route - the children left full of imagination and adventure.

Tamara Sudkeo, Teacher at St George's Prep said: “ I thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity! I was able to visit my Primary 6 class to visit the racing yachts. They really enjoyed the visit and loved learning about how the boats race, and the angles at which they race, and they found it fascinating to see the intricacies of the boat.

“I enjoyed seeing their smiles and seeing them experience something they could potentially take part in, in the future. I’m hoping that this opportunity sparked an interest in sailing because we are a maritime country, so this would be amazing to see.”

The open boats during the Bermuda stopover were hugely successful with the Clipper Race welcoming over 1200 school children, tourists and locals aboard the racing yachts, supporting the BTA community engagement and promoting racing and sailing to the island’s people.

A special one-night-only open boat was also hosted at Princess Hamilton Marina at sunset, to the backdrop of the hotel’s Marina Nights event. The Bermuda Tourism Authority (BTA), Royal Bermuda Yacht Club and the press also had the opportunity to experience sailing on board the GoToBermuda yacht in the island’s azure waters.