Subic Bay Yacht Club, Subic Bay, Philippines

Subic Bay, Philippines
Race TBC Leg 5 The Asia-Pacific Challenge

Situated on the West Coast of the island of Luzon, some 100km north west of Manila, Subic Bay in the Philippines will be home to the Clipper Race fleet when it calls in during Leg 5, the Asia Pacific Leg.

Luzon is the biggest of the 7641 islands and is famed for its ability to encapsulate the essence of the entire nation, making it the perfect Clipper Race pit-stop location. From exploring its mountainous ranges, where pines stand in place of palms and tribal groups still live in relative isolation, to the beaches at Baler, known as the birthplace of surfing in the country, there is something for every adventurer.

A visit to the Batad Rice Terraces is a must; the impressive 2,000 year-old terraces that run 20,000km still provide a livelihood for tribal groups that live in the mountains. But for those looking to stay closer to port, Subic Bay lays within the Pamulaklakin Nature Park’s expansive 11,000 hectares.

Foodies will also be in for a treat; Filipino cuisine is an exciting mixture of the familiar, such as pork and rice, and the exotic – tamarind, screwpine and purple yam just some of the local delicacies. The two main national dishes, adobo and lechon, are based around chicken and pork respectively, but fresh local seafood is also in abundance. The most popular dish is lapu-lapu, a grouper grilled over fire, flavoured with calamansi (native limes).


In view of the coronavirus outbreak, the Clipper Race has amended its race schedule and delayed its arrival into China. The fleet, currently racing from Australia, will now head to Subic Bay, Philippines, which was previously planned as the second of the three ports in Leg 5.

The estimated arrival window into Subic Bay is 12-16 February. There will now be an extended stopover in this port of a minimum of nine days. Please read the full statement for further information and updates.