Subic Bay Yacht Club, Subic Bay, Philippines

Subic Bay, Philippines
Race TBC Leg 6 The Mighty Pacific Leg


Stopover dates are provisional and subject to change.

An archipelago of 7,641 islands in Southeast Asia, the Philippines is blessed with tropical weather year-round, thus a variety of engaging activities are available for every interest. It is home to some of the most revered destinations in the world: Banaue Rice Terraces, Chocolate Hills in Bohol, Tubbataha Reefs in Sulu Sea and the white sand beaches of Boracay, Palawan, among others. Living in this spectacular natural setting explains the genuine hospitality for which the Filipinos are renowned – making each experience more fun and memorable each time.

“FUN-tastic” is the term that has been coined to best describe Subic Bay, Host Port to the Clipper 2019-20 Race. It is accessible, affordable, enjoyable, safe, and sustainable. It is home to eco-tourism centres that capture the best of its well-preserved natural environment, luxurious and budget-friendly hotels and resorts, and delightful restaurants that serve local and international cuisine.

Situated on the West Coast of the island of Luzon, some 100km north west of Manila, Subic Bay has been home to the Clipper 2019-20 Race fleet whilst the edition was put on hold. And it will be welcoming Race Crew back in March 2022, when the event restarts.

Visitors to Subic Bay can try activities such as jungle survival, birdwatching and shipwreck diving. The area boasts both luxurious and budget-friendly hotels and resorts, as well as a lineup of restaurants that serve local and international cuisine.

It is also a popular destination for events and sports tourism. With its world-class sports and convention facilities that can accommodate thousands of participants and spectators, Subic Bay can truly keep up with the requirements and standards for international sports events and big conventions. With its hosting of major international sporting activities, Subic Bay was recognized in the past three years as a top sports tourism destination in Asia by the SPIA, giving Subic the Sports Industry Awards in 2019. Subic also received the Philippine Sports Tourism Awards in the year 2020. Subic Bay was also hailed as one of the Top 10 Best Destinations in the Philippines for 2018 by the Department of Tourism and has consistently been the top destination in the Central Luzon Region for many years.

On top of these accolades, Subic Bay is gaining recognition as the next cruise ship playground in Asia, having welcomed thousands of cruise ship passengers from all over Asia and Europe since 2018. The future looks bright for this Freeport as more cruise lines look towards expanding their itinerary to include this fun-tastic destination. These recognitions wouldn’t be possible were it not for Subic Bay’s established reputation as a traffic-discipline zone and as a safe and secure haven where investors, residents and guests alike cooperate to ensure not only safety and wellness, but also progress and development, for the whole community.

The top five ‘must do’s in the Philippines are:

  • Beachcombing – the country is famous for its breath-taking beach sceneries, whether you’re in Luzon, Visayas or Mindanao from white to pink sands – name it, the Philippines has it!
  • Diving – Philippine waters are blessed with an abundance of marine sea creatures and species. It is declared as the centre of the centre of marine biodiversity in the world.
  • Food crawl – from street food to heirloom cuisines. Philippine cuisine is as diverse as its 7,641 islands. Influenced by its colonizers, Filipino dishes have unique tastes and flavors. Its main capital city is like a mecca where you get to experience international dishes infused with Filipino flare.
  • Nature and Adventure – a variety of thrilling activities are on offer for nature lovers and adventure seekers – Navigate one of the longest underground rivers in the world in Palawan; swim with the gentle giants of Donsol, or with the sea turtles in Dumaguete; or experience a hike in Mt. Ulap Eco-Trils in Baguio City; do a heart-pounding white water rafting adventure in Cagayan de Oro or bike on air in Bohol’s zip-bike adventure. Whatever it is you think of doing, do it here, for you only live once!