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Race 8 Day 21

Henri Lloyd - Eric Holden

02 FEB 2014 - Race 8

The sun shade is up and we are wetting the deck, trying to keep it liveable above decks. There is very little wind to cool you down and progress has once again dropped to a walking pace. Still, we keep working for every metre and we are all remaining positive that more wind will come, someday. When you are moving so slowly, the six hours between schedules is a long anxious wait wondering who has got wind and who are sailing away.

Our visit form King Neptune went off without a hitch and he promised us a swift and sure passage back to London.

The Clipper Race fleet has had some tough luck in the tropics in this edition of the race. In the Atlantic Ocean the Doldrums were much more extensive than usual, starting as far north as the Cape Verde Islands, and currently we are suffering from uncommon headwinds and light airs.