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Race 8 Day 22

Henri Lloyd - Eric Holden

03 FEB 2014 - Race 8

Good wind then light wind, we made progress and then we slowed. The wind will not settle down into anything like a steady breeze. Yet, the miles to the finish line tick slowly downward and the fleet and the finish line finally fit onto one screen on the navigation computer without zooming out.

This morning we had a misadventure with a long floating polypropylene line that caught itself on our bow, keel, and rudders. It was stuck fast and we had to douse the kite and heave too in order to slow down the boat enough to disentangle ourselves. At first we were concerned that we were cutting someone's fishing net and their livelihood and we were looking around anxiously for the fishing boat, though it turned out to be a knotted mess of line that was cast away and adrift. It smelled foul due to the growth of weed and little crabs on it. We were tempted to toss it back but then remember that we are ocean crusaders and the rope, being of plastic construction, does not belong in the ocean so we are transporting it to shore. We were already a bit dismayed with the amount of plastic bottles and Styrofoam that we've seen floating by, seeing more of that than any sort of wildlife. Unfortunately that little escapade used up the last of the good wind we had and it has been slower going ever since.

We are just passing the 225 mile mark to the finish and this race is so close with boats closing in from the north and the south. This race is anyone's for the taking and it may be as close as any of the races thus far.