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Race 8 Day 23

Henri Lloyd - Eric Holden

04 FEB 2014 - Race 8

We are 70 miles from the finish and racing neck and neck with GREAT Britain who are only a couple miles to windward. Qingdao is just over the horizon to windward of GREAT Britain. It is really tight racing and way too close to call. We are doing all we can to sail fast as is every other boat and gains or losses are very slight but that is all it will take to win or lose. It has been a long while since we have had visual on another Clipper Race yacht and it is nice to have someone to measure progress against.

We've had some close finishes in past races but this may be as close as any. The boats to the south are also out of visual but they must be coming in pretty hot and fast too. At least we are all moving fast towards the finish in as steady a wind as we've had so hopefully this will hold through to the finish. It has been a long tough race and one way or another it will soon be over and then we can rest for a bit.