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Race 8 Day 23

Qingdao - Gareth Glover

04 FEB 2014 - Race 8

Well it is all going to come down to the last 100 miles. We are now starting to see other yachts and it’s just going to come down to who has the better angle on the wind, which has now filled in by around 15 knots and we also have a few knots of current under our keel. We are still hoping for a top five finish in this race so we will keep pushing on for the last 12 hours. There are two groups heading for the Sarangani waypoint the northern group which is being led by Henri Lloyd then GREAT Britain and ourselves and then the southern group led by OneDLL. Who is going to win out of the two groups is too early and too close to call just yet.

A good run from any one yacht is all it will take and it could be as little as a few metres between winning this or coming in fifth, there certainly won’t be many miles that separate the top teams.