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Race 8 Day 23

PSP Logistics - Chris Hollis

04 FEB 2014 - Race 8

It was a tough night again on board with fickle wind, and broad angles. Most of the night we crept along at 2 to 3 knots, knowing for sure the rest of fleet would have slightly better wind. We are currently in a solid ninth position. With not many miles left in this race it would be anything short of a miracle to win it! However, we have set ourselves the goal of trying to finish eighth place as Jamaica Get All Right are only 30 miles ahead of us at the moment. Seventh place I think will be a stretch with Switzerland 50 miles ahead of us, but that isn’t to say we won’t give it our best shot.

There is still plenty of debris to dodge out here. We think we saw a lost container in the distance and loads of oil drums bobbing around on the calm blue of the north Pacific Ocean.

I got a most pleasant and very random surprise today as I got to speak with my best mate, Brendan. Now, before I tell the rest of the tale, we often joked about this scenario. I was sitting at my navigation deck doing navigation things - and I hear an Australian voice come across the radio... PSP Logistics, PSP Logistics, this is north western Sandpiper - over.

Sure enough, I glanced at the radar, and the ship north western Sandpiper is 10 miles off our stern. "Channel zerosix" I reply and the voice comes back, “G'day mate, its Brendan!”  I couldn’t believe it! He is the Chief Officer on a 274 metre liquid gas tanker that runs from Western Australia to Japan. I casually mentioned to him that wouldn’t it be funny if we crossed paths in Asia somewhere at sea. I thought the best chance of it happening would be nearer Singapore, or north of the Philippines... but here we are, not another vessel around and I am chatting away with my best mate as we cross paths in the middle of the north Pacific Ocean, at a mere 10 miles. It truly is a very small world!