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Race 8 Day 23

Old Pulteney - Patrick van der Zijden

04 FEB 2014 - Race 8

Hello world!

We are under one hundred miles from the finish line and running fast under our medium weight kite. OneDLL is in front of us and seems to have just that extra bit of speed we lack to keep up with them, even though we tried everything in our power to stay with them or catch them, well played guys! Our ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) at the finish line is in 8 hours if all goes well and hopefully we have the acceleration needed to stay ahead of the northerly boats.

The whole day has been good already, but after lunch the wind really started to kick in and the boat speed went up and over the 10 to11 knot barrier.

While we come closer we see more fisherman and at lunch time we passed a floating house boat, junk type with all little diesel propelled tenders tied onto it, they looked like the Indonesian version of a jet ski. This scenario reminded me of the movie Waterworld and could be lived, probably is lived here in these regions of the world.

Yesterday’s mothers were round the world team Tibor Bacso and Paul Bartlett. They both did a tremendous job in our restaurant (Old Pulteney’s rice and Beatz) a beautiful pasta Bolognese and chocolate fudge with custard sauce and chocolate dip as desert.

I think all the crew is looking forward to a well-deserved rest period and hopefully during the cruising phase we are able to full fill this.

Fingers crossed, mind-set, the last effort and then we are there…thanks for your support so far.

Talk to you later,