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Race 8 Day 24

OneDLL - Olly Cotterell

05 FEB 2014 - Race 8

So far Race 8 has been a race of ups and downs. There have been a lot of snakes and ladders that’s for sure. This is the nature of racing in this region with its tricky unpredictable conditions. The conditions this year have been particularly hard as the north east trade winds have not been present. As a result this has turned out to be one of the toughest legs so far.

Stifling heat and humidity, long periods of beating into strong winds, relentless squalls and long periods becalmed, this leg has had it all.

We are really happy with our progress and position so far. We set out with the aim of getting some Scoring Gate points and managed to win two. We led for a lot of the run up the coast of Papua New Guinea and while we lost our lead close to the finish, hard work a good wind angle and a bit of luck meant that we got a podium position across the finish line of Race 8A just nipping in front of our good friends Qingdao. Generally our tactics were sound but with hindsight we should have gone a bit further north than we did. Still, despite all the different tactical decisions made the difference between us and first place was less than half an hour. This certainly is super close racing and it was very exciting for everyone involved especially in the sprint to the finish.

We are using the cruising phase to do as much work on the yacht as possible, while having some down time and even enjoying a bit of inter crew socialising.

Until tomorrow…

3, 2, OneDLL