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Race 8 Day 24

Qingdao - Gareth Glover

05 FEB 2014 - Race 8

Gutted is the only word I can say to express how I feel about this race. We came in fourth by less than 30 minutes. It all came down to the last six hours at one point when we were 15 miles ahead of OneDLL until the wind abated and the angle we were coming from made it hard for us to keep in front of them. In the end as they had a few more knots of boat speed on a reach and we were coming down wind and having to gybe to cross the line. All the crew were hard gybing down wind and we did five great gybes and one which wasn’t so good where the tack line and sheet got in a knot but thank fully it didn't take us too long to fix. It was a same it was night when we all cross because I am sure in the day light we would have been much closer.

But we still have Race 8B, we will just have to come in a hour in front of then to gain a place for this overall race, so we are looking forward to that race and Race 9 to Qingdao. Well done to OneDLL, Henri Lloyd and GREAT Britain on this race.