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Race 8 Day 24

Mission Performance - Matt Mitchell

05 FEB 2014 - Race 8

Morning all! It's been another frustrating 24 hours with the wind up and down, reasonably heavy squall activity as well as more kite changes than you can shake a stick at, or a piece of wool in this case!

This morning has made up for things a little with a steady 20 knots of breeze from the north west (it was supposed to be from the north east) as well as a good favourable current meaning that we have very rarely been under 12 knots of speed all morning.

The wind looks like it will turn off the minute we cross the line though, so our maintenance will start in earnest. I can only hope that we can stay wide enough to avoid any wind holes created by the lee of the large Philippine island Mindanao.

In other tantalising tan news most of us are looking healthy and brown now with most rashes gone, just in time for the oilies to go on for about three months straight once we get going up to China!

Mission Performance...

Somewhere near the Celebes Sea...