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Race 8 Day 24

Switzerland - Vicky Ellis

05 FEB 2014 - Race 8

It’s been a thoroughly testing race.  Like climbing a mountain it’s been a case of treading our own path to the top.  Sometimes the choice of route pays off - you pick a tricky ledge to traverse and round the corner you are rewarded with an easy assent.  Equally you can reach a peak only to find a dip full of a slow, drudging bog.  Do you risk going through or take the long walk around?

The final stages of Race 8A were like the final scramble to the peak, everyone in the front running pack had their route.  The wind holes made us stumble backwards and favourable wins shifts lifted us higher, all the while we were looking across to see what fortune our competitors had.

Congratulation to Henri Lloyd for a great run to the finish and with only a few hours separating us all, it's going to be a close run thing for Race 8B.

I hope to never experience a race like this, ever again.