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Race 8 Day 24

Invest Africa - Rich Gould

05 FEB 2014 - Race 8

Captain’s blog, drifting day, whoops I mean sailing day 113.

We are 9.9 miles from the finish line as I write this, but at our current speed we may still be racing when I come to write tomorrow’s blog.

We had a great run overnight, but early this morning, as the sun came up the wind left.  Since dawn we have been working very hard to keep Invest Africa moving, sometimes we have been drifting backwards, which has been very frustrating.

Obviously this race has been another not very successful one for us in terms of position, but we have made good progress with bringing the new crew up to speed and everyone’s helming has greatly improved.

Once we have crossed the line we can fire up the donkey and get on our way to Singapore. I plan to use this time wisely and have drawn up a list of jobs for the crew to complete while we are underway.

Later on this evening we will meet up with PSP Logistics and motor in convoy with them through the Celebes and Sulu Sea’s.

We just need a little bit of wind to get over the finish line now.

Invest Africa out!