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Race 8 Day 24

Old Pulteney - Patrick van der Zijden

05 FEB 2014 - Race 8

Hello world!

After a spectacular finish, where we just came short of two miles on Qingdao to become fourth we find ourselves in the motoring section towards the restart point for Race 8B, the next race will still bring us 750 miles towards Singapore.

It has been a tough Race 8A with a lot of tactical niches and a good portion of head bangers wind, definitely not your regular tropical weather system which leaving us racing this section much longer than planned. It gave the crew an extra impression of what ocean racing can be and that you have to work with the weather given at the moment in time.

For those crew members who were looking for a deeper search into their own existence must have had a good impression off it. At this moment we are having maintenance done to be ready for the next step...

Talk to you later,