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Race 8 Day 24

Jamaica Get All Right - Pete Stirling

05 FEB 2014 - Race 8

'All Right'. At 21:00 UTC (07:00 ships time) last night we finished Race 8A from Brisbane to the finish line in the Sarangani Strait. We finished in eighth place which is a disappointing result but not so bad when you consider we weren't that far behind the front runners. We waited for a couple of hours for PSP Logistics to cross the line and now we are motoring in convoy with them. We are only going at 5 knots because we are waiting for Invest Africa to catch up with us. We will then proceed in a three boat convoy at 7 knots towards the refuelling stop in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. This is a distance of some 650 miles so we will be motoring for over three days to get there. After refuelling we will start race 8B to Singapore. These two races are time trials so there is still every chance we can improve on our eighth place position on the first race.

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