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Race 1 - Day 3

Mission Performance - Matt Mitchell

04 SEP 2013 - Race 1

Matt Mitchell – Mission Performance

Yesterday we experienced varied conditions as we all left the Dover TSS behind, thankfully for us! Spinnakers were flying and speed ranges were from a sedate 2 knots over the ground to a comfortable 4-5 knots. The wind has been up and down most of the day with little puffs of wind accelerating us one minute, then dying out causing us to slow down the next.

Life was good on board Mission Performance yesterday with the general bonhomie emphasised by the smell of freshly cooked bread, courtesy of one of our mother team of the day, round the world  crew member Sophie Hetherton. The afternoon was spent trying to maintain a happy medium between course and boat speed as we nurtured the boat into making progress against the foul tide which had been sliding us east throughout the latter part of the afternoon. Spirits lifted though as finally we saw a little more westerly progress in our course over the ground.

As of 2230 hours last night we were in a reasonably strong position, and this morning we are still a good position often averaging 4 knots over the ground faster than the other boats which I can see on the Automatic Identification System (AIS). The fog rolled in a few hours ago and visibility is very poor, often the sounds of engines of merchant shipping can be heard as a deep thunder, which often sounds closer than it actually is. Most attention has been diverted to the spinnaker though, really trying to keep it up it let the apparent wind increase, which in turn increases our speed. So now it's #HoldFast team Mission Performance and lets continue giving it our all, we are really trying to maintain focus to achieve our main objective for this stint to Brest.