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Race 1 - Day 3

Switzerland - Vicky Ellis

04 SEP 2013 - Race 1

Vicky Ellis – Switzerland

It’s been a hot and tough days racing, with fickle winds and determined tides setting us where they wish in the English Channel, we are at their mercy and out intentions to cross have been unnoticed or ignored by the weather gods.

Having said that, it’s been good spinnaker work practice for the team, it’s been up and down many, many times.

Last night saw the arrival of great fog banks that cooled the boat down and brought dew to all the sails and the deck. The fog horns have been sounding and the radar screens were closely watched to make sure our drifting boat makes it safely across the shipping lanes. Today will see us pick a course around the Channel Islands on our route to Brest. The crew on mother watch are brewing a round of Italian espressos, the off watch are discussing spinnaker mechanics and the on watch are preparing another kite hoist.