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Race 1 - Day 3

Old Pulteney - Patrick van der Zijden

04 SEP 2013 - Race 1

Patrick van der Zijden- Old Pulteney

Currently we are near Alderney surrounded by the fleet in what is panning out to be a very close race, all after 200 miles of racing, amazing.

Yesterday we decided to head south as early as possible after the Dover TSS, now closing in at Alderney and le Casquettes, we keep to our rum line.

It was scorching during the day, with a baking September sun hitting us so we rigged our Bimini for the helm and the test. But Northern European weather never comes without consequences, so when the night fell, we found yourself surrounded by thick fog.

Crew morale is good, competition is high and bread and chocolate are being regularly supplied by the mother watch.

Another day of excitement is ahead of us. Let’s see what day 3 has in store for us.