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Race 1 - Day 4

Qingdao - Gareth Glover

05 SEP 2013 - Race 1

Gareth Glover – Qingdao

After an eventful 24 hours racing in fog and light winds across the English Channel we made up for lost time and started to gain back on the fleet.

The plan was to head south towards the Channel Islands leaving them to our port passing between Guernsey and Sark to our east and then headed across the top of France. Just before we were committed to the course we got an email about the shorten course so we quickly gybe to pass over the top of Guernsey under Light Weight Kite in around 5 Knots of wind.

We then sailed underneath the rest of the fleet which were still heading west at the time as we sailed under them to the south. GREAT Britain must have seen us on AIS (Automatic Identification System) passing under them and decided to gybe to cover us from the north which resulted in a match race for the last 2 hours of racing. We could hear their fog horn only metres away from us but the fog made it hard to see them and cover them.

At one point GREAT Britain were that close we only saw the front of their yacht pass metres behind us.

In the end we think GREAT Britain may have won by only metres but the crew of Qingdao will be looking to make that up in Race 2 to Rio de Janeiro.