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Dace 2 Day 2

Switzerland - Vicky Ellis

10 SEP 2013 - Race 2

So let me start by backdating this log to the last day of Race 1.  We rounded Alderney that morning with the first of the favourable tides to sling us towards the rest of the fleet a few miles ahead. The news of the shorten course was received just after lunch which was to the surprise of most as it meant we only had 3 hours of racing left, a very short course to finish.  The challenge was to change strategy from our longer term goal of picking the weather route to Oussant to a drag race to a finish mark against the other boats.  And race we did, OneDLL was 1.7 miles ahead, as were 3 others just in front of them - the challenge was on - could we sail 1.7 miles faster than them in 3 hours? 

We don't have a slow boat, or a slow crew, and we outpaced three boats during those 3 hours and it was not like the others were not trying!  The trimming was faultless and the helming near perfect and that was all the crews’ hard work!  When OneDLL loomed out of the fog with 15 minutes to go we knew we had proven that we could put the foot down when needed.

Well, how things come round.  You will be pleased to know, followers, that the foot is going back down again (I think it is proportional to the coffee output on board which has just started again since Brest and was distinctly lacking overnight, instead replaced by seasick buckets at every corner!)