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Race 3, Day 11

Henri Lloyd - Eric Holden

23 OCT 2013 - Race 3

That was some great sailing over the past 36 hours. The crew did a great job sailing the boat fast downwind in 25 knots of wind. It was some of the best sailing since leaving the Bay of Biscay and we put up the best 24 hour run for Henri Lloyd yet. The fact that it coincided with the Ocean Sprint would have been a stroke of luck, however we continued on a course favouring the finish in Cape Town so at times were making very little progress towards the finish of the Ocean Sprint. I think after watching the outcome of the Scoring Gate, most of us were pretty weary of sailing any extra distance for points that could lose us places in such a tight fought race. We have since activated our Stealth Mode so for now you will have to wait along with everyone else so we where we are and where we are going.

All I can say is we are having a great time and there are mixed feelings about wanting to get to Cape Town but not wanting this great racing to end.