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Race 3, Day 11

Old Pulteney - Patrick van der Zijden

23 OCT 2013 - Race 3

Hello World!

Today was a sad day, with our first major sail rip. What we do on Old Pulteney, we do well, including our sail rips, so we managed to rip our Big Ange’s lightweight kite 2 metres from the top all the way down the leech (back of the sail) and also all the way down the luff (front of the sail). All of that was within the view of Switzerland, the second boat we met on this race since our match race with Henri Lloyd half a week ago.

With all hands on deck, the crew jumped into action and within ten minutes our medium weight kite “Malcolm " was hoisted and still stands firm.

We also just finished our Ocean Sprint and we have got a good feeling about it, as a lot of boats are heading north and not aiming for a shortest route for the Ocean Sprint, we happened to be in the right place not to have to head up. Also tonight we passed just behind Derry~Londonderry~Doire who were heading north as well.

830miles to go, and it's still anybody’s game....

Talk to you later, Patrick