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Race 3, Day 12

Henri Lloyd - Eric Holden

24 OCT 2013 - Race 3

As I write this we are still transiting the ridge. We have had some good winds and some lighter winds. Sails have been changed a few times and we are hoping that the current good speeds will last through to the other side. It has been another dark night and helming has been difficult, especially because our wind instruments need resetting every half hour or so. Sleep has also become an impossibility with the wind being so fickle and always needing to be alert for the next sail change. These are exciting times and everyone is thoroughly enjoying themselves. We are approaching the end of the leg and it's the time that we begin applying pressure on the leggers to sign up for more legs. I mean, how can you possibly go back to the office after only one leg? It is just too much fun and such an incredible experience to stop now.