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Race 3, Day 12

Old Pulteney - Patrick van der Zijden

24 OCT 2013 - Race 3

Hello World!

After an exciting and nail biting 24 hours, the results of the dance for a perfect position for the last 600 miles starts to show, with boats coming out of Stealth Mode one by one, it still seems there are a lot of possibilities, especially with the lighter winds ahead of us.

For the first time since a week of sailing with the spinnakers up, they made space for the Yankee 1 and the staysail, as the wind started to come more and more from the bow. Unfortunately for the crew it does not seem to last long as the wind is fluky and starts to come around again already, meaning "Malcolm" our code 2 medium weight spinnaker needs to go up again to keep us going.

Today brought us close to a high pressure cell with less wind. Despite our efforts to sail away from it last night, we still came a bit too close and lost some precious miles. On the contrary,  late this afternoon and the previous night we enjoyed sailing under spinnaker with winds up to 13 knots.

Down below in café restaurant bar OP's RISE & Beatz, our top chef, round the world crew member Tibor Basco and his helpful assistant, round the world crew member Ross Ham, created Michelin star meals accompanied with cookies and cake. The bread they made today just fitted the oven and we are thinking of installing a bigger one in Cape Town.

A few more days to go before we give Old Pulteney a rest in a new continent. But first we have to give our last full effort, trim, trim, trim....

Talk to you later, Patrick