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Race 3, Day 12

Jamaica Get All Right - Pete Stirling

24 OCT 2013 - Race 3

'All Right'.

As you will have seen, our 24 hour period in Stealth Mode didn't exactly see us charge up the leaderboard as I would have hoped. We averaged ten knots boat speed during the period but then so did most other teams. The lighter winds further south weren't as light as predicted so didn't really slow the rest of the fleet down. At the last count, we were still in eleventh place, though a number of boats are in Stealth Mode so this may not be the case when they come out. Nevertheless we are still pushing hard and doing everything we can to get every last bit of speed out of Jamaica Get All Right. As well as the other teams, the race is also now on against the weather. At the moment, we are sailing close hauled with a good steady breeze which is forecast to increase slightly in strength - happy days.

However at around midnight on Saturday 26 October the wind to the west of Cape Town is forecast to drop away to virtually nothing. With our current speed, our estimated arrival time into Cape Town is in the early hours of the morning of Sunday 27 October. So you see, we might face the problem of getting within sight of the famous Table Mountain then be left with no wind, almost within touching distance of shore! We all desperately hope this isn't the case but we are a resolute crew on here, and should it happen, will stay focused and get the job done.

In other news round the world crew member Jean Brandon won the 'Hank of the Day' award, a hat-trick for her on this leg - well done Jean! Her crime this time - she was tasked with holding the hose for our roaming bilge pump over the side of the boat whilst round the world crew members Kris Slezak and Richard Heggie were emptying the galley bilges. She became distracted whilst in conversation with another crew and let go of the hose. The hose promptly slipped down below and sprayed the two crew working in the galley bilge with dirty water. The air was turned blue with the stream of abuse that ensued and was sufficiently loud enough to disturb my slumber some 30-foot away at the back of the boat!

Until tomorrow.