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Race 3, Day 13

PSP Logistics - Chris Hollis

25 OCT 2013 - Race 3

It has been a tough time on PSP Logistics for the last 24 hours. Painstakingly slow at times, other times, there has been reasonable speed, but not going toward CapeTown. We have had a variety of sail changes to get the boat moving - windseekers, kites, headsail combo's. Just now, we are shaking out a reef as 4 hours ago, we had a consistent 20 to 22 knots, making 12 knots towards Cape Town. Now, we are wallowing around in 10 knots, barely making 6 knots!

So it will be a tough slog until the end. We just want to make Cape Town by early evening on 26 October at this stage as the wind will shut down completely.  We do not want to be left to with a cruel fate of bobbing around, literately for 34 hours within sight of the city.

So it seems we didn’t make Cape Town without damage to our kites, as our lightweight spinnaker really gave up the ghost today, tearing evenly down each tape from head to foot, and a nice big section across the bottom. We haven’t started repairing yet, as we are still in mourning for the loss of ‘Bruce’.

Hopefully we can resurrect him in Cape Town.

Better news, the reef is out, and we are back up to 9 to 10 knots. The crew is working fantastically together and watch leaders, round the world crew members Tristan Grigalis and Derek Brown have done outstanding jobs on this passage.

Now suck it up team, we have got 400 miles to go in a day and half.