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Race 3, Day 13

Henri Lloyd - Eric Holden

25 OCT 2013 - Race 3

We have had the bow firmly locked on Cape Town for the past 24 hours, blast reaching along at 11 knots. We are counting down the miles and at this rate we would be looking at an arrival time of around midday on Saturday. We are enjoying these powered up conditions, although life can be a bit challenging on this angle. We are hoping that our more southerly route, which was not the fastest through the light winds of the ridge, will now provide us with a faster reaching angle and allow us to make some gains on the boats to the north who will be sailing closer to the wind to fetch the finish. With the boats being such similar speeds, it is hard to make any significant gains and any gain comes down to tenths of a knot of boat speed that can slowly add up in what has turned out to be a 600 mile drag race.