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Race 3, Day 13

Invest Africa - Rich Gould

25 OCT 2013 - Race 3

Captain’s blog, sailing day 45.  I hope this is the penultimate blog of Leg 2.  We are currently about 320 miles from Cape Town and still pushing hard.

For the first time in about 10 days, we have reefed our main sail with the increase in wind.

We are currently still sitting in second place, working as hard as we can to try and catch GREAT Britain whilst also trying to shake Henri Lloyd off our tail.  With the mileage we have left between us and Cape Town, a lot could still happen!  I am awaiting the weather emails today with baited breath.

Also on my mind are the local conditions close to the shore line in Table Bay.  The finish line for this race is just outside the harbour with one end of the line being the harbour control tower and the other being one of the buoys that mark the main shipping channel.  The geographical location of the line means that we may have one last tricky bit of no wind to tackle between us and the cold beers shore side.  With the breeze coming from the current direction, Table Bay is likely to be in the wind shadow created by Table Mountain, so this could make the final few miles very tricky indeed.

For now, it looks like we have managed to outrun the ridge of high pressure that seems to be plaguing some of the fleet that are slightly further south west of us. I'm just hoping we manage to maintain this progress.

Leg 3 crew, keep your eyes glued to the Race Viewer, we are on our way!


Invest Africa OUT