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Race 3, Day 14

Old Pulteney - Patrick van der Zijden

26 OCT 2013 - Race 3

Hello World!

Stealth Mode, that's the word of today, only we are not so stealthy for our nearest rivals, being hot on our heels, meaning Switzerland and Derry~Londonderry~ Doire, chasing us for  fifth place at the moment with, as I write this, only 200 miles to go. It has been a close race and it will be till the finish line. 200 miles looks short after 3,400 miles of sailing, but still a lot can happen.

Last night we started to see a green navigation light abeam to the north of us, during the night the light slowly ended up behind us, only in the morning the AIS (Automatic Identification System) showed that the vessel was Switzerland, at that moment still in Stealth Mode as well. Later in the day, Derry~Londonderry~Doire started to appear on the screen, they also slowly positioned themselves behind us.

We will come out of Stealth Mode tonight (0000 UTC 26 October).

All aboard Old Pulteney are focused and full on in the helming and trimming  to get us in daylight in Cape Town tomorrow.

Our last meal on the ocean for this leg was a great homemade curry by our Leg 2 crew member, Michael Burdon, with the assistant of our round the world crew member Peter Thomas.

Talk to you later from Cape Town, Patrick