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Race 3, Day 14

Derry~Londonderry~Doire - Sean McCarter

26 OCT 2013 - Race 3

Good Morning Sports Fans from Derry~Londonderry~Doire!

Another day of watching the 'Distance to Finish' miles tick away slowly but surely. The breeze has been very steady in its south easterly direction but up and down a little. We decided to shake the reef with the view that it was better to be a little over-powered than a little under-powered during the gusts. We are close-hauled and making good speed and under current conditions, should cross the line tomorrow evening at 1630 UTC. We are doing our best to catch Old Pulteney who are about nine miles dead ahead and Switzerland, with whom we are neck and neck.

Leg 2 and 7 crew member Helen Black finally got what she signed up for tonight in the form of a perfectly starry ocean night.

With a podium finish looking highly unlikely, Scotsman and Leg 2 and 6 crew member Andy Baillee has prolonged getting a tattoo of a Shamrock on his right buttock for another few weeks, a result that at least his wife will be pleased with!

Leg 2 crew member Oleg Mikhailov is looking forward to getting back to his pregnant wife and three year-old daughter. Earlier, he compared his job in commercial banking to round the world ocean racing - except with less sleep and higher stress. I am not convinced!

Leg 2 crew member Anton Larkin also leaves us in Cape Town for a well-deserved holiday with his wife and son.

Leg 2 crew member Anna Shadrina will also disembark, leaving us with no Russians and missing a great helm.

Roll on Cape Town and the arrival of new team members Christina Cunningham, Clodagh Whelan, Sharon Doherty, Neil Bingam, Justin Blake and Cormac Walsh.

Soon to be ‘LegenDerry!’