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Race 3, Day 14

OneDLL - Olly Cotterell

26 OCT 2013 - Race 3

Good morning OneDLL fans. So it is sailing day 14 and we should get into Cape Town this afternoon. That's not bad, 14 days to cross the South Atlantic especially with the displaced South Atlantic high making the fleet do more miles than a "regular" crossing.

Currently, there is 78 miles to go to the waypoint outside the harbour. We are doing 10 knots so in 8 hours’ time we should be hopefully be harbour bound. And everyone on board is looking forward to a good stopover with a bit more of a chance for rest and recuperation than in Rio.

The only thing that may still stand in our way is the dreaded wind hole that lurks beneath Table Mountain. Unfortunately, the finish line is in an area where this wind hole is common so there may be no avoiding it.

Not too much else to report at the moment, just to say a big thank you to all of the supporters out there. We really appreciate it on board! We also look forward to seeing some of you this evening.


3, 2, OneDLL