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Race 3, Day 14

Switzerland - Vicky Ellis

26 OCT 2013 - Race 3

Racing like this for more than two weeks I never thought would be possible – it’s been full on! The crew and Heidi (the nickname for Switzerland) have surpassed my expectations many times this voyage and the racing is still so close its stifling my creative abilities.

The crew have grown technically in their abilities, when we left Rio we still had not peeled our heavier spinnakers, now it’s a standard procedure on board.  They have grown in themselves too and it’s been a pleasure to be a part of.

Let’s look at what we can tick off the list of life:

-Atlantic Ocean Crossing

-Southern Ocean surfing

-Whale watching (orcas, fins + lots of dolphins) -Albatross spotting, watching (and waking!) -Racing out of Rio bay, storming into Cape Town -Jurassic Park (well, Gough Island at 41 degrees south) -Disaster night (when we trawled and wrapped everything) -This morning - what a dawn!

-Cooking at a 30 degree angle

-Heads cleaning at a 30 degree angle

-Being part of the best team out here - priceless!


Till Cape Town folks,


With love from the awesome Leg 2 crew of Switzerland