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Race 3 report

OneDLL - Olly Cotterell

27 OCT 2013 - Race 3

The race was amazing, and not quite the South Atlantic crossing we were expecting. The high was displaced quite far south, we ran with the tactic of sticking to 15 to 20 knot bands, ran along pressure lines which seemed to work quite well. We didn’t go as far south as some of the other boats but we made good progress and got a good result in the end. To do the South Atlantic in 14 days is good in anyone’s book. I can count the days on my hand where we did less than 240 miles. No one complains about 240 plus mile days and even at the top end, we were nearly hitting the 300 mile mark and that’s without going south so we are really happy. The team performed really well, the amount of progress on this leg from the last  was huge and the crew really gelled with the new joiners. There was laughter the whole way across, but at the same time we managed to maintain our performance and I think we showed that consistently, we were a fast boat so I am really happy.