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Race 3 report

Switzerland - Vicky Ellis

27 OCT 2013 - Race 3

It was a stunning arrival into Cape Town with Table Mountain in the background, with the tablecloth pouring off the side so we could see the wind. It turned out to be a breezy run to the finish which it was until we parked up and had a drift with Old Pulteney and Derry~Londonderry~Doire on our tail, so it was incredibly tense and I hope I never have to experience a race finish like that ever again, it’s not good for the nerves.

The team were fantastic though. They put up the lightweight spinnaker, then our windseeker and then our Yankee, and then we had to take it back down again but eventually we managed to get through the wind holes.

It has been very close sailing. You give the same sail plan to the same boat and there will be very little in it. As you’ve seen, a lot of it comes down to tactical decisions where you saw the skippers trying to position themselves around the high pressure, those who went close to get the shortest route and those who went down south to catch the surf.

The crew have done a fantastic job on this leg, I am constantly impressed how competent they are becoming with sail changes.I’m looking forward to seeing how they will perform when we take on the challenge of the mighty Southern Ocean during Leg 3.