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Race 3, Day 15

Qingdao - Gareth Glover

27 OCT 2013 - Race 3

Morning. Well done to GREAT Britain, Henri Lloyd and Invest Africa for a great race and their top three finish. We are almost at Cape Town after battling with light winds again and wind coming from variable directions at times. We are now pointing back to Cape Town and making good speed and hope to be in port within the next 36 hours.

Yesterday we started what we could do to help save time in Cape Town and got most of the small jobs that could be done at sea. Everyone is in good spirits, and at one point I came up on deck to find the on watch taking turns singing.

The mood is good and we are not sad that we are coming in last and happy that we tried something different that could have worked in any other race and will keep on pushing the tactics in other races to come.

You win some, you lose some and this is still only Race 3 a 40,000 mile round the world yacht race and the crew can sail in with their heads held high at racing across the South Atlantic Ocean.