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Race 4 departure

Henri Lloyd - Eric Holden

04 NOV 2013 - Race 4

The crew are really excited even though there is some apprehension about crossing the Southern Ocean. I think we are really lucky that on the way to Brest, we experienced a storm force 10 off the Island of Finisterre, and to come three days into the race it was incredible. I think that experience will really help as the conditions we will experience in the Southern Ocean won’t be so new to the team. Before Race Start none of us really knew what these boats were capable of, and I don’t think anyone expected us to reach over 30 knots just a few days into Race 2, which was exceptional.

I think what we will have to remember is that it is a long way across the ocean and we will have to put the brakes on at times as it is a long race and we are a long way from help. I think there could be some more conservative sailing down in the Southern Ocean as the boats really haven’t been tested in those conditions yet.

We pulled up into Cape Town in first place and I think the other teams realise we are a threat, but in the same breath we also have a target on our back. Yet we also realise how tight the racing is mid-fleet and at this point we aren’t considering one boat as our competition. Everyone is still in with a shot and there are few boats chasing us really closely and we will be watching them all.