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Race 4, Day 1

Invest Africa - Rich Gould

05 NOV 2013 - Race 4

Captain’s blog - sailing day 47.  Morning all, welcome back.  I trust with your Race Viewer addiction you have all made it through the cold turkey of a stopover!  Fear not, we are back at sea and shall be out here for a little longer this time.

The stop in Cape Town was great, everybody had some down time, and we got all the work done to the boat that we needed to do.  Many a hot shower has been had and good meals have been eaten, I even had time to have one lovely cold beer (and many rum and cokes).  Many members of crew had friends and family visit, myself included.  Mum, Dad, everybody else that came to visit and all of those supporting us from home thank you.  You guys are all a part of our team and it’s great to have such an awesome amount of support.

For all the crew that have left us in Cape Town, it was great having you all on board and each and every one of you would be welcomed back with open arms, we still have room on Leg 6!  To Leg 1 and 2 crew member Didi - if the builders at your house are making too much noise, there is still room for you in your home from home.

Anyway back to business, normal service has resumed here on board Invest Africa.  We are back in to the swing of things, getting back in to the wonderfully simple life of being at sea.  Wake up, eat, sail, sleep, repeat as required until making land fall again! 

The new crew are quickly integrating in to the team already after only a short time on board and getting used to life at sea.  Race start was great yesterday.  As always we didn’t do anything silly at the start line as to win you have to finish, and to finish first you have to start.

We hung back from the pack a touch as the gusty conditions of Table Bay can be quite tricky.  We passed close to the south of Robben Island avoiding the wind shadow of Table Mountain.  Overnight the breeze has been light and we have found ourselves wallowing gently along through the swells.  I am sure all that the Southern Ocean has to offer will be upon us soon, but the question is......Just how soon??

Invest Africa OUT