We've been making good progress over the last day, although the wind has been a little up and down. We are now back to high pressure sailing, reflected this evening in the breath-taking vista of horizon to horizon stars, with the Milky Way clearer than we've seen for a while, and not a squall cloud in sight.

Not only is the sailing fairly simple at the moment, but it's also allowed the crew a bit of a reprieve from a very busy few days squeezing every available point of a knot out of the boat. We've been sailing well under spinnaker since the early hours of the morning and the most active we've been is changing from the medium-weight spinnaker to the lightweight spinnaker at lunch time.

The weather forecast indicates that the wind will increase a little over the next few hours which will help our speed. The wind is also being forecast to shift a little more southerly which will mean a well-placed gybe could make all the difference to set ourselves up for the next bit of complicated weather due in a couple of days in the form of a low pressure system, due to develop directly above where we are likely to be.

There shouldn't be too much to slow us down though and we are looking good for an arrival in about 4 days’ time.