The temperature has really dropped down here in the Southern Ocean and a constant stream of mist is coming out of everybody's mouth, even down below. Layers are abundant and hats are aplenty and that's just on the watch getting into their bunks!

We've been making steady progress all day and life is a little more comfortable now than it was yesterday morning. The wind had continued to build and we were sailing with a deep reefed main and Yankee 3 in 50 to 60 knots of wind with a very large swell, at times tipping the 8 to10 metre mark. The crew handled the conditions admirably and kept the good ship ClipperTelemed+ pointing in the right direction while surfing at speeds in excess of 20 knots pretty much every wave.

It really was an impressive sight, seeing this moving mountain range complete with white caps illuminated by the brilliant sunshine.

As the day wore on conditions have eased and we are expecting a period of settled weather before the onset of the next front due later this evening.