What goes up, must come down... We finally managed to get a kite run in lasting longer than 24 hours, the end of which was only a few hours ago as we had started to get sucked a bit too far south for my liking ahead of the cold front expected in a few hours’ time.

The spinnaker drop was our best yet in 30 knots of wind so it looks like the training talks, as well as the hard work of the crew, have really paid off. This front should be a relatively punchy one and there is expected to be wind speeds of up to 80 knots ahead of it.

We had an absolutely awesome days sailing yesterday, the weather was good and we were flying along. We logged another 300 mile day, 301 to be precise and point to point it came out at 270 miles so a bit of an improvement on the last one!

During our team meeting yesterday we discussed the best techniques for dropping the Yankee through a headsail change, namely how best to get the back of the sail in, especially when powered up dropping down wind. I am anticipating that we will be changing from our Yankee 3 to our storm jib at some stage today so that will definitely come in handy!

At the moment the sun is still shining and the dark line of frontal clouds is yet to be seen, I'm sure that they will start looming soon!