And another great stopover was had by all. Den Helder put on a great show and I must give a very special thankyou to a random stranger named Danniker (I hope that is how you spell it), for giving my partner and I a lift home one night. She was out on the street talking to friends when we stopped to pat the dogs and she went home and got her car keys to drive us home. Thank you very much.

So race start was another interesting one. With the lead changes, it looked a bit like a game of snakes and ladders. We were doing ok then had a big slide back and we are now trying to fight our way back. There is a lot riding on this race for overall positions and we aren’t doing too good at the moment, its halfway through so we still have some time.

Either way it’s been one hell of an adventure, and something I am so glad I have done

But it isn’t over till it’s over, all the crew are working hard, just grabbing cat naps when needed.

Cheers wendo