After a day of motoring we are back sailing yippeeee. The miles are rolling by, I hope we stay in this current breeze for at least 10 hours so we chock up some good mileage.

Being on starboard tack did pose some problems for us, the port rudder is not connected to the starboard due to a breakage when we had the knock-down. We have now attached the emergency tiller, we have the amount of sail up that we think we can handle, balance the boat as much as possible, make some small adjustments to the emergency tiller tie it off and off we go.

So the miles have been rolling away today, morale is good, the sailing has been one of the nicest in a long, long, time. All in all it is manageable and everyone can have a go on the wheel of fortune, just got to really concentrate.

So happy days. It’s till grey though.

Anyway love youse all