Whoop whoop, land has been sighted; you cannot believe how good it feels to see land. Mountains way off in the distance with snow on them, way cool. The call goes up, we run up on deck, music has been playing, there is BLUE SKY, it has been even better sailing than the last two days. We are on port tack so easy to steer.

Nice breeze just forward of the beam, then the call of land, so dancing down on the large area aft now, we have talked about installing a barbie and spa with all the spare room we have. Matt, using the Gaffa, taped up the pedestal as a DJ deck, happy days.

It will soon be time to start motoring again as the breeze is just starting to fade.

Its James' birthday so cake is cooking. Yesterday evening he made pizza for dinner! That was the best dinner like ever. As always the talk has been of what are we going to eat for the first big meal, me - pizza, Matt- Steak for breakfast, Val - steak and jacket potato, Nugget- halloumi salad (love squeaky cheese), James - meat that gets stuck between your teeth and bread that needs chewing, Craig something with Chianti and fava beans.

Tomorrow will be the day of reflection I think of this epic, challenging voyage. Folks we have crossed the mighty North Pacific, we have 40 nM to the race finish line, then a bit of a motor.

For those coming to meet us, or already waiting for us, we cant wait to see you. We love youse all


Ps We get knocked down but we get up again; we are awesome! Can someone please play Tub-thumping when we come in?