Race 1 - Day 25
Skipper Report
14 September

Dale Smyth
Dale Smyth
Team Dare To Lead
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Morning all,

Quite a squally night last night with the wind up and down between 15 and 35 knots. Good progress however and we really are flying south. The sea state is also a bit smoother with fewer jarring potholes.

We were joking yesterday that a popular gym trend would be to take a 20ft container, lean it over at 45 degrees, bounce it up and down and then get people to just accomplish basic tasks inside; like going to the loo, typing on a keypad, making a cup of tea. I’m sure the trend would grow.

We are struggling to make any gains since the medevac because, by the looks of it, we are all pretty much in the same conditions so we are hoping for something tactical coming up.

Last time I was in this area I saw some pretty crazy waterspouts so keep your eyes peeled guys.

I wish all my fellow Skips a fantastic day! Dale