Race 1 - Day 6
Skipper Report
08 September

Guy Waites
Guy Waites
Team Dare To Lead
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It's been an eventful 24 hours...

The Ocean Sprint was progressing nicely until the final 30 nautical miles when the Code 2 Spinnaker took charge of proceedings. For one reason or another, it entered stage left and rapidly exited stage right until its third guest appearance where it stubbornly remained, in spite of it's antisocial behaviour, for approximately two hours, whilst we wrestled it down with me up the mast in a harness!

Undeterred dear listeners, we repacked said Code 2 and ventured forth for a fourth round... finally the beast was tamed and we were once again underway. The team worked tirelessly throughout, giving up their valuable off watch, which is entirely to their credit. I am a very fortunate Skipper indeed.

The breeze is now fading away as we tease out the final few miles to Portimão. 75 nautical miles to go with a wind hole to negotiate makes for a classic Clipper Race finale for Race 1.

A small but delicious bread baking competition is developing between Rolex and Swatch watch, benefitting from their competitive spirit I am keeping well out of it!

Guy et Hugues and the Crew