Hi All,

We are still hard on the wind making slow progress south of Ireland. Upwind legs are definitely something I am not going to miss and hopefully as we get around our southerly waypoint, we will be able to crack sheets to Liverpool.

We are all still tightly packed although there has been a front group that has stretched out a small lead. One thing that has been for certain over the last 40 000 miles is that we have certainly kept each other on our toes!!

Sailing against the ten other Skippers has been such a pleasure and challenge. Each Skipper individually has become a close colleague and friend as we have travelled around the world racing each other. Individually, each of us has our own style and personality and although we sail our hearts out against each other, we have really had each other to rely on for the last year. It is comforting to know that any one of the eleven would stop racing instantly to come to your assistance if need be. Skippering a Clipper Race is a lonely role in some respects, carrying the responsibility of these 70-foot machines full of people and their hopes and dreams, in a hugely hostile environment. We have truly had a group of Skippers that have supported and been there for each other and I would like to express my deepest thanks to all of you individually for your friendship, support, and competition this year,

So.... Lance, Bobbity Bob, GT, Conall, Nikki, Wendo, Matt, Chris, Dave, and Rob - it will be sad to not be racing against you all in a couple of days and I will miss working with you all.

Dale Out.

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