AQP blog:

Things are getting funny here on Dare To Lead.

Ok, I agree, we are not really in the position we wanted to be: a promised Gulf Stream that wasn't there, a rudder bearing cap that gave way, a Code 2 that said 'boom', a Code 3 that started to rip at parts that were previously repaired and a gybe on my watch that could have been timed better.

BUT we have managed to fix everything that was broken, except for the Gulf Stream but that might not be in our hands :-)

Huge respect to the team that worked tirelessly on the Code 2 and when finally done they (literally) got the Code 3 sent down… But both are packed now, recovering in their bags and back in business. Under the sharp eye of Dot, the repairs match (and sometimes are better) those of any professional sailmaker. I mean, in the end we had to even re-do the 'pro' work.

A huge thank you to the rest of the team too as there was more pressure on helming, sail changes, jobs on board and Mother Watch.

As you read this we are in the middle of the Ocean Sprint and let me tell you: we are on a mission! While typing this I am keeping a sharp eye on our course and speed (thank God I can type blind!) and I have to say, I am super happy (and I am sure the Skip will be when he wakes up!)

Our daily Happy Hour at lunch-time really has become a happy hour. Who wants negativity anyway... Our newest superstar on board (Will) even started a limerick contest and we appear to have some real poets in our midst! Even the Skipper is getting creative (I am sure he will share one in his next blog - no pressure Skip.)

My input today will be:

We have entered the Ocean Sprint maze

An interesting part of the Atlantic race

Don't helm to weather or to lee

Because you know I will see

Let's go for a podium place!

Happy crew, happy Skip and a super happy AQP

I got renamed 'Glenda' by the way - the Good Witch from the North from The Wizard of Oz - it seems to stick and ever so slowly I am getting used to it - do I have a choice? Thanks Jim.

All is well on Dare To Lead...

Nigel, Angela and crew.