Fifty shades of grey!

We are now coming to the end of what is the fastest Atlantic Ocean crossing I have ever undertaken. Fifteen days after leaving New York we are now passing the Outer Hebridean island of St. Kilda, about twelve miles away on our starboard side, looming darkly against a steel grey background. The sight of this dark, remote island on the very edge of continental Europe made me realise; the overriding impression of this crossing has been that of colour, or should I say lack of it.

We have ridden on the back of two weather systems to make such a fast passage, the consequence of which has been wet, windy, exhilarating conditions with very little visual contrast. The rich, vibrant blues of the Caribbean and the stunning sunrise behind Manhattan as we arrived in New York have given way to an impressive plethora of shades of grey.

I cut my navigational teeth in these waters many years ago as a teenager and as I stand on deck, exhausted from the exertion of the last two weeks, sheltering my face from the wind and rain I have a very strong feeling that I am, after all these months and so many thousand miles, now getting close to home.

All is well on Dare To Lead...

Nigel, Angela and crew.