Race 2 - Day 26
Skipper Report
11 October

Guy Waites
Guy Waites
Team Dare To Lead
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Lonely sits the hunter, waiting in the West

Praying on our Easting, two degrees less

Six One Six to go and Eighty Four the making

Five Three Two or so, a podium for taking

Three days South to ride, all stealth taken

One wind hole, two gybes, everything forsaken

Port side heavy, starboard light ship

Steady helm, rolling swell, all sail flyin’

Relentless is the ocean race, persistent is the clock

Counting down South latitude, tick tick tock

Win or lose the wind blows, fair or not

The Devil takes your chances, thickening the plot

Fortune turns the wheel of fate, spinning to its rest

Playing out our strategy, daring at our best

Daring is the hunter, sailing in the West

Bearing down on Punta del Este

Guy et Hugues and The Crew

Until Race Start : The Asia-Pacific Challenge