Race 2 - Day 28
Skipper Report
13 October

Guy Waites
Guy Waites
Team Dare To Lead
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Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today operation callsign: Hotel Oscar Tango

It started straight away at 0600 UTC, six sail changes in two hours and that was only the beginning of the avalanche of thunderstorms, wind shifts and other funny weather effects we encountered throughout the day.

Headsails down-up / reef in-out / kite hoist-drop - the training on Dare To Lead was hard today, we did around 30 sail changes.

All that under torrential rain, lightning, the sky was literally sparking around us, AWESOME! The crew has decided to push harder on the last 24 hours, with Zhuhai closing in and us closing in on Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam.

Everybody was smiling at watch change; yes it's hard, but it is rewarding. It is kind of the "Bouquet final" [end of the fireworks in French] of Leg 1.

The self-confidence of some of our crew has risen so much during this last month, it's almost like everybody on board is standing taller than before.

Now, it's not over as I am writing it. I'm sat down at the Nav Station. The rain has stopped, now we are tacking to make the most of the little breeze we have left.

My eyes and fingers are crossed as I am looking at the computer and at the instruments waiting for the slightest windshift.

Ok, 36nm left, I have to go back to full focus.

Dare To Lead out,

Hugues, Guy & the Crew.

PS: I'd like to thank Trisha D. and David G. for their help correcting my blog so I don’t look like a complete illiterate.